Fully management

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team has both extensive and wide-ranging industry experience, having worked for and with first class ship owners’ With the full commitment and competence of the paradise Team, we aspire exceptional value creation for our investors by continuously developing, as well as affording the required time needed in order to provide the highest quality level of service. We ensure that ships are supplied with the appropriate critical spare parts at the appropriate price and asset upgrade projects are delivered both on time and within budget. We plan and prepare for every possible eventuality, providing full transparency in all activities we undertake.

Our Full Management service package includes

Provision of competent officers and crew, certified as required and also with qualifications as considered necessary for the vessel and the trade; arranging their joining and repatriation as well as all related functions, as required, including union relations, medical examinations, etc.

Supply of provisions, stores, consumables and other required stores.
Provision of lubricating oils.
Provision of running budgets for the vessel and full running cost accounts including budget comparisons with comments, balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

Maintenance of the vessel to the agreed standard including repairs, dry docking and provision of spares and in the case of tankers, fulfilling the requirements of the oil majors Keeping of records and ensuring that the vessel is well documented with all certificates, manuals, etc., as required for the agreed trades.

Provision of insurance for the vessel as agreed, but with a minimum of H&M. War and P&I insurance and also handling and settling of claims.
Provision of agreed technical and condition reports.

Allocation of superintendent to the vessel, with the necessary back-up, who will be responsible for the technical/economical operation of same and will visit the vessel at regular intervals or whenever required.

Handling of all operational matters for spot market or time-chartered vessels such as pre-fixture voyage estimates, post fixtures, voyage instructions, monitoring vessel’s performance.

Handling of charter party disputes, FDD and cargo claims, bunkering, appointment of agents, freights and hire.