Commercial Management

Paradise is experienced in providing commercial management services to vessels owners. We employ operation teams tuned into the commercial considerations of the highly competitive tanker market. Our operation teams are headed by ex-Marine Masters with proven experience in the industry. They are prepared to deal promptly and effectively with any circumstance.

These services include:

Checking the recapitulation of terms and informing master.
Checking voyage orders and informing master.
Performance monitoring under terms of charter-party.

Lay time calculations.
Off-hire calculation.
Voyage calculation follow-up and demur rage claims.
Calculate and invoice charters for payment of freight on behalf of principals.

Claims handling.
Assisting owners and brokers with information to conclude fixtures.
Appointing agents and handling disbursements.
Checking pro-forma D/A’s and arranging advance payment.

Checking and settlement of D/A’s.
Evaluating and nominating bunker suppliers.
Keeping track of vessel’s ROB and checking figures.
Checking bunker invoices and remitting in due course.