About us

PARADISE MARINE provides services to the marine & offshore oil & gas industry and is clearly focused on customer satisfaction & retentions.PARADISE MARINE is a partnership firm established in Alexandria, Egypt with a prime focus on Marine Offshore services such as but not limited to AHTS vessels, DSV, PSV, Mooring boats and Barges, AHTS are fitted with Dynamic Positioning Systems Class 2 or 1 as well as with Fire Fighting system Class 1, utility and Service boats which are fully operated and managed .Continually development of our technical and operational resources has resulted in the Capability to support a wider range of marine applications, and enhance our ability to provide comprehensive marine management solutions. PARADISE Marine aims to have most qualified and safety-minded personnel, both ashore and aboard. Together, our personnel and equipment continually set safety and performance records in offshore support. PARADISE Marine maintains an unyielding commitment to safety and the environment. As a core value, safe operations and the protection of the environment are not just priorities but are the foundation upon which our company operates. PARADISE Marine operations work is dependent not only on the advanced facilities and tools used, but also on the efforts of dozens of hardworking men and women. Their focused effort equates to efficient and effective work, and for faster, optimized operations that in turn lead to better results. Having served high-profile clients inside and outside Egypt continues to strive to deliver competitive vessel management for their clients the world over. Our experienced and dedicated crews provide services that are certain to raise the efficiency and the effectiveness of any fleet. The company prides itself in being one of the best marine operations management firms in the country. We take pride in the fact that our customers trust us to deliver every time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient management, combined with optimum operational safety. With a sizable and diverse fleet of managed vessels and a considerable international pool of marine and offshore personnel, we have extensive experience in technical management and the management of multinational crews. Our shore-based workforce is strategically located across the world, delivering a wide scope of ship management and marine services. We adhere to the highest safety, environmental, energy and quality standards


Our safety vision is: Our operations will be conducted in an incident-free workplace ,all the time, everywhere and To be the leading provider of Quality Ship Management Services to the Marine Industry CORE VALUe: We want to create an environment in which different cultures can interact in a positive way to create a competitive advantage, which stands for: Financial Discipline: Our decisions will be made to ensure long-term growth for the benefit of employees, customers and shareholders. Integrity and Honesty: Our actions will be conducted following the highest standard of ethics, honesty and personal integrity. This will foster and maintain trust and confidence of our employees, customers and suppliers. Respect for Employees, Customers and Suppliers: Our employees will be developed and motivated to meet the challenges ahead. Individuality and diversity will be valued and performance recognized. We will provide our customers with unsurpassed value-added service. Our relationship with suppliers will reflect respect, understanding and sound business practice. Strength: through Stability & Continuity Technical Leadership: Our competitive advantage is based on continually improving our processes and finding innovative solutions to the technical challenges in meeting the needs of our customers