Crew management

We offer crewing services for all vessels under our management. We have therefore world wide contacts and partners to ensure we get the best ship crew, no matter where you are located. Captains, seamen, sailors, navigators, machine men, skilled chefs, you name it. In addition to our ship-management services, we do continuously look for new strategic partners and skilled crew with extensive experience Paradise marine offers flexible ship management services according to your needs, anything from managing one oil tanker or vessel to total turn-key ship-management solutions including crewing services.

Our Crew Management service package includes:

Crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew.
Payment of wages and leave with overtime, service bonuses, etc. of officers and crew.
Medical examinations and fitness certificates.
Implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies.

Crew P&I insurance as well as handling of respective claims.
Ship’s cash insurance.
Proper qualification and certification of crew.
Supply of working gear for crew.
Insurance of crew effects.

Passing on economies of scale due to our market presence.
Protecting the crew from consequences of sea perils and monitoring their welfare ensuring availability of adequate insurance covers.
Ensuring availability of sufficiently qualified crew on board to respond to emergencies.