Lay-up management

Paradise marine Management is here to provide you with complete ship lay-up solutions. We have a worldwide network and are able to provide you safe and secure locations for lay- up and follow through all procedures. Lay up management is essential for handling the wide range of technical and financial issues that arise when taking vessels out of service for a period of time.

Successful lay-up management should be measured as a best possible combination of:

Complete evaluation of the lay-up site towards weather conditions, mooring arrangement and security Assessment of the lay-up manager and the services it provides.
Evaluation of the lay-up procedures whether in compliance with Class and Insurance guidelines Complete assessment of applicable equipment maintenance and scope.

Lay up declaration, preservation declaration, green lay up declaration - whether above certification possible.
Available of ship reactivation options when lay up period is over.
We provide a comprehensive lay-up in line with class and insurance guidelines.
We provide various asset certifications which may result in reduced lay-up insurance premiums.

As an established ship manager, we have a complete understanding of your requirements and are able to customize lay up solutions to the way you want it.
A well documented, safe site, protected weather conditions and security.
Comprehensive preservation procedures for engine room, accommodation, deck, hull, bridge and tanks.
Comprehensive routine planned maintenance package.

Monthly asset condition reports.
Classification Society / Flag state / Insurance guidelines compliant.
Asset certification from Class which may result in reduced insurance premiums.
24/7 safety / security watchmen.
Hull cleaning services by third party.